Picking Our Wedding Date

Since we had already decided on our wedding theme and our colours, we needed to decide on a date so that we could get booking vendors, friendors, and venues!

When we got engaged, both sets of parents told us that we should wait until we graduated post-secondary before we tied the knot. Initally, we agreed with them. Since that wasn’t going to be for another 4 years, we didn’t make any solid date plans for several months. But Scott wasn’t really liking the idea of waiting that long to get married and, frankly, neither was I. So one day while we were hanging out at his friends’ place (hereafter known as JAT’s), I suggested that we get married during the summer break between 2nd and 3rd year. He was so excited and readily agreed that would be a good time for it!

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Budget Weddings

This is something that every couple planning to get married faces: the budget. Some couples are lucky enough to have oodles of money that they can spend on anything they want for their wedding, but the majority of couples have limited finances and need to create a strict and sometimes very small budget to which they must adhere if they don’t want to start off their marriage with lots of debt.

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Wedding Colours: A Cohesive Representation of Us

So, after we picked our wedding theme, what was the next step to take in planning this shindig? Picking our wedding colours of course!

Since we were using my husband’s Clan tartan as a main part of our Scottish theme, I decided that we had to draw colours from that as our wedding colours. As some of you probably already know, this is my husband’s Clan tartan.

McDonald of Clan Ranald Tartan

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A Wedding Theme: Something to Build Upon – Part 2

In my last post, I told you how I really liked the idea of themed weddings and I went over several of today’s common themes. But none of those themes would work for our wedding, even though they’re all awesome. But that didn’t stop us from figuring out an us theme. Want to know what it was? Scottish!

So here’s how we came up with our theme. My fiancé had always wanted to wear a kilt for his wedding so I thought “Hey, Scottish can be our theme! With emphasis on McDonald of Clan Ranald things!”. And so I began to create things with Scottish aspects and, since my name is Rose, I decided to also throw in some roses and as a nod to my English Major I thought some quotations would be a nice touch.

So, to summarize our theme: Scottish, McDonald of Clan Ranald, roses, English Major. It actually wasn’t as difficult to decide upon as I made it sound in my last post.

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A Wedding Theme: Something to Build Upon – Part 1

I really like this new idea of a wedding theme. It’s not something that my parents had or that I really noticed in any wedding I’ve ever been to, though it was probably there. A wedding theme can help organize your ideas and create boundaries for you as you decorate. The closest thing I’ve ever seen to a theme in a wedding that I’ve been to is wedding colours, which I’m definitely not knocking, but I wanted to take it a step further. Continue reading

Our Wedding: July 14, 2012

My husband and I got married on Saturday, July 14th, 2012. It was a hot and sunny day with not a cloud in the sky. It was a traditional Catholic wedding in a church and we held our reception in an arena hall (before you go judging us, it was an absolutely gorgeous hall). We had a low budget wedding which involved a lot of DIY projects. In total, our wedding came to about $7000-$8000, which was more than we had planned for it to be.

Our theme was Scottish and our colours were red and black with white accents. I am not personally Scottish, but my husband is and he is very proud of his heritage. He is a McDonald of Clan Ranald (and now so am I), so that is the specific tartan and crest which made appearances all throughout our day. Continue reading