DIY Submerged Rose Centrepieces (with Tutorial)

Hi all, today I’m going to tell you all about my awesome centrepieces that I made for the wedding. Because I’m allergic to flowers and so were several of our guests, I decided that we needed to have non-floral centrepieces, or at least centrepieces that would not cause people allergies. Enter the new sumberged flower trend! I found awesome inspiration here, here, here, and here and I decided that it wouldn’t be very difficult at all to pull off the look myself. They were also great conversation pieces and would not interfere with people seeing eachother across the table. Perks and looks, yay!

What's that I spy to the left of the centrepiece? A topic for another post?

Guest table sumberged rose centrepiece. Photo by Jenna Gernon (amateur photographer). Continue reading


DIY Brooch Bouquet

I decided to make a brooch bouquet for my wedding because I’m allergic to real flowers and I didn’t want to be all red, puffy, and sneezy for my wedding. This was my inspiration bouquet and also what I started my DIY from (It didn’t work perfectly for me, so I altered it a bit). I promise I’ll add step-by-step images soon!

It's so shiny, colourful, and pretty! And it'll last forever! :D

Photo by Jenna Gernon (amateur photographer). Continue reading