Health and Fitness Downloadables

Printable version of the dumbbell workout from here: Full Body Dumbbell Workout

– Worksheet to track weights and reps: Full Body Dumbbell Workout – Worksheet

Bringin Sexy Back – Workout


My First Ever Blog!

Hi all!

I’ve never written a blog before but I got into reading them just over 2 years ago when I got engaged to my wonderful husband! The blog I follow religiously is weddingbee where my name is ScottishMrs, but I occassionally check out other wedding blogs too (I’m still kind of wedding obsessed). I’m so wedding obsessed that I started my own business called Wedding Gifts by Rose (you should check it out).

My husband and I just got married in July and are renting a one bedroom apartment. I really want to make it homey and turn it into the perfect newlywed nest, but right now it’s mostly just a mess. Now you all get to watch the transitional period and see just what I’ll do to make it the perfect home! Continue reading