Pattern Modification: Elastic Back Coffee Shop Lace Dress

Do you love the look of the Coffee Shop Lace Dress by Bella Sunshine Designs? Does your child dislike requiring assistance to dress herself? This tutorial for how to modify the back to have elastic in order to pull over the head rather than have buttons may be just what you’re looking for.

This pattern is on sale today only for Kids Clothing Week! Head on over to get it for just $5USD. No coupon code necessary. (Gabriella’s Winter Coat is also on sale today.) Sale extended through August 9th. The Rose Bubble Shorts and Vintage Grace Flutter Dress are also on sake now.

Bonus: Elastics are more comfortable on the back when they’re leaning back against their seat.

Tutorial for Coffee Shop Lace Dress by Bella Sunshine Designs with elastic back modification.

A couple of details about the Coffee Shop Lace Dress before we move on to the tutorial:

  • It has a wide range of sizes going from 12m to 12 years. The upper sizes are not designed for a developing bust.
  • It includes two sleeve lengths (short and long) which makes it ideal for school.
  • The pattern utilizes Adobe’s “layer” feature which means you can print just the size(s) that you want!
  • The instructions are very detailed and the finishing techniques are professional. Your garment will look as pretty on the inside as it does on the outside.

From the listing:

This dress is designed for that vintage lace you have been hoarding for the perfect project. You know, the pretty stuff that you’ve been holding back for something special. The front bodice features beautiful lace detailing to show off your pretties while the center modesty panel is perfect for a contrasting fabric. The slightly gathered sleeves make this dress perfect for school or church. The back bodice buttons up and includes a skirt placket for ease of dressing for your wiggly child. The lace on the hem of the skirt gives this dress that finishing touch. If you are all out of lace or are looking for a less complicated design, you can also omit the lace for a different look. Plus, since this pattern includes options for both short and long sleeves, it’s perfect for any season.

Sewing Level: Intermediate

Sizes: 12 Months to Girls 12

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Dressing The Boys – Part 1

This is something that some guys are really opinionated about and some guys really couldn’t care less about it. My guy was somewhere in between. He had always wanted to wear a kilt for his wedding but had assumed he would end up with a girl who wouldn’t allow it, so he had resigned himself to wearing whatever she wanted. When he proposed to me though I assumed that he’d be wearing his kilt for the wedding and I designed our wedding theme and wedding colours around his tartan. He was so happy to find out that not only was I going to let him wear his kilt but I encouraged it! Continue reading

Picking Our Wedding Date

Since we had already decided on our wedding theme and our colours, we needed to decide on a date so that we could get booking vendors, friendors, and venues!

When we got engaged, both sets of parents told us that we should wait until we graduated post-secondary before we tied the knot. Initally, we agreed with them. Since that wasn’t going to be for another 4 years, we didn’t make any solid date plans for several months. But Scott wasn’t really liking the idea of waiting that long to get married and, frankly, neither was I. So one day while we were hanging out at his friends’ place (hereafter known as JAT’s), I suggested that we get married during the summer break between 2nd and 3rd year. He was so excited and readily agreed that would be a good time for it!

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Wedding Templates

All of these lists open in Microsoft Word:

Escort Cards: Escort Cards – Names Template and Escort Cards – Table Numbers**

*Vertical Escort Cards: Escort Cards – Vertical**

Pocket Schedules: Pocket Schedules

Catholic Ceremony Programs: Program Template – Cover and Program Template – Body

RSVP Envelope: RSVP Envelope Template (16.5cm x 9.2cm)

Invitation Envelope: Invitation Envelope Template (14.6cm x 11.11cm)

Invitation Envelope Flap: Invitation Envelope – Return Address for Flap (14.6cm x 11.11cm)

Wedding Invitation Template: Wedding Invitations – Right Side Template

*I was asked by one of the readers to convert my escort card template to a vertical format, so now it’s available for everyone in vertical format as well as my original horizontal format.

**The Escort Card templates work with Avery business cards 5371, 8371, and 8871.

Budget Weddings

This is something that every couple planning to get married faces: the budget. Some couples are lucky enough to have oodles of money that they can spend on anything they want for their wedding, but the majority of couples have limited finances and need to create a strict and sometimes very small budget to which they must adhere if they don’t want to start off their marriage with lots of debt.

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Wedding Colours: A Cohesive Representation of Us

So, after we picked our wedding theme, what was the next step to take in planning this shindig? Picking our wedding colours of course!

Since we were using my husband’s Clan tartan as a main part of our Scottish theme, I decided that we had to draw colours from that as our wedding colours. As some of you probably already know, this is my husband’s Clan tartan.

McDonald of Clan Ranald Tartan

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