Dressing The Boys – Part 1

This is something that some guys are really opinionated about and some guys really couldn’t care less about it. My guy was somewhere in between. He had always wanted to wear a kilt for his wedding but had assumed he would end up with a girl who wouldn’t allow it, so he had resigned himself to wearing whatever she wanted. When he proposed to me though I assumed that he’d be wearing his kilt for the wedding and I designed our wedding theme and wedding colours around his tartan. He was so happy to find out that not only was I going to let him wear his kilt but I encouraged it!

I know that the wedding is his day too and I didn’t want to dictate everything about what would happen, how people would look, and all that. I wanted the wedding to represent ‘us’ not just ‘me’. My aunt went through something of a difficult time with my uncle when they were getting married because he wanted to wear a white suit for the wedding but she wasn’t entirely cool with that because it was so ‘prom’ (he loved the look when he wore it to his prom too and he was prom king). She, the suit rental guy, and he mother convinced my uncle to go with an ivory suit jacket with black pants, an ivory shirt, an ivory vest, and an ivory tie. He looked quite dapper! It goes to show that a white suit isn’t as bad as people make it out to be.

My aunt and uncle at their wedding. Aren’t they adorable?! 2006 Wedding. Image from my aunt’s facebook.

My aunt and uncle as they walk together for the first time as man and wife. 2006 Wedding. Image from my aunt’s facebook.

*This post is incomplete and I will be editing it to hold more information soon. I am posting it now so that I can show someone how good a white suit can look.

Would you let your guy wear a white suit? A kilt? Something else that many people find crazy


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