Picking Our Wedding Date

Since we had already decided on our wedding theme and our colours, we needed to decide on a date so that we could get booking vendors, friendors, and venues!

When we got engaged, both sets of parents told us that we should wait until we graduated post-secondary before we tied the knot. Initally, we agreed with them. Since that wasn’t going to be for another 4 years, we didn’t make any solid date plans for several months. But Scott wasn’t really liking the idea of waiting that long to get married and, frankly, neither was I. So one day while we were hanging out at his friends’ place (hereafter known as JAT’s), I suggested that we get married during the summer break between 2nd and 3rd year. He was so excited and readily agreed that would be a good time for it!

As for picking the specific date itself, there were a few things that we had to take into consideration:

1. School finishes at the end of April. I’d need at least a month after the end of school so that I could get all of my last minute projects and planning done. I don’t think we could’ve handled writing exams then immediately entering into the final week before the wedding (AKA the home stretch).

2. The youth in my family and many of our friends go on an annual Christian Youth Conference every summer on the third weekend in July. It’s called Journey to the Father (JTTF) and it ROCKS! I didn’t want to keep anyone from attending the retreat.

Personal photo of me and the other Disciples in 2010 (I’m 4th from the left on the bottom). JTTF.

3. August is stinking hot and ragweed season starts then. I am SUPER allergic to ragweed.

4. Scott’s lease ends at the beginning of May and mine ends at the end of July.

5. My favourite number is 14 and it shows up everywhere. I notice it so much that my MIL thinks I’m into numerology. I’m not into numerology! My birthday is on September 14th, we started dating on November 14th, I lived on the 14th floor in my university residence, we want to have 14 kids (we each decided on this number on our own before we started dating), and so on. It’s just cool how it shows up all of the time. Also, key to note here is that we started dating on the 14th and I’d like to keep our monthiversary the same.

After taking all of these facts into consideration, guess what Saturday falls on a 14th this year?!

Calendar taken from here and edited by me.

This date is perfect for many reasons: we’d have all of May, all of June, and part of July to do last minute planning/projects after school finishes; Scott’s sister, BM A,  is living in Ottawa too and has offered for Scott to live with her from when his lease ends at the beginning of May until the beginning of July when he will take over the apartment where we will live together after the wedding; it is the 2nd weekend in July, so it shouldn’t interfere with JTTF; it’s not in August, so ragweed and extreme heat shouldn’t be a problem for us; and it falls on the 14th so we can keep our monthiversary! Yay! We have a date!

What factors did you have to take into consideration when picking your wedding date? Do you celebrate monthiversaries too?


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