Wedding Colours: A Cohesive Representation of Us

So, after we picked our wedding theme, what was the next step to take in planning this shindig? Picking our wedding colours of course!

Since we were using my husband’s Clan tartan as a main part of our Scottish theme, I decided that we had to draw colours from that as our wedding colours. As some of you probably already know, this is my husband’s Clan tartan.

McDonald of Clan Ranald Tartan

These are the colours that compose this tartan: hunter green, dark navy blue, black, red, and white.

We didn’t want things to look too busy, so we only wanted to pick a couple of these colours. We quickly eliminated the red/green colour combination because we were having a July wedding, not a Christmas wedding. The blue/green and red/blue combinations didn’t really get us going so those were out too. Also, I am a selfish bride and I wanted to be the most prominent white thing at the wedding, so I didn’t want white to be one of our main wedding colours. So that left us with blue/black, green/black, and red/black colour combinations to choose from.

So which did we choose?

Personal image.

We’re both pretty partial to the red/black combination on a daily basis, so we chose those as our main colours and since that could lead to a pretty dark looking day, we decided that we’d use white as an accent colour to bring everything together even more.

What sort of inspiration could we possibly have with a colour palette like this you ask? Well, try this on for size:

Inspiration Board.

I have named our colour palette our “Black and White and Red All Over” theme.

Would you use black as a main colour in your wedding? Do you think our inspiration could become a reality? Did you name your theme or colour palette?


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