A Wedding Theme: Something to Build Upon – Part 2

In my last post, I told you how I really liked the idea of themed weddings and I went over several of today’s common themes. But none of those themes would work for our wedding, even though they’re all awesome. But that didn’t stop us from figuring out an us theme. Want to know what it was? Scottish!

So here’s how we came up with our theme. My fiancé had always wanted to wear a kilt for his wedding so I thought “Hey, Scottish can be our theme! With emphasis on McDonald of Clan Ranald things!”. And so I began to create things with Scottish aspects and, since my name is Rose, I decided to also throw in some roses and as a nod to my English Major I thought some quotations would be a nice touch.

So, to summarize our theme: Scottish, McDonald of Clan Ranald, roses, English Major. It actually wasn’t as difficult to decide upon as I made it sound in my last post.

Now for the hard part: how exactly do you embody “Scottish” as a theme? Well, here’s what we used:

Thistles are so cute!

Thistles – Artwork by Patricia Henderson

Thistles appeared in the boutonniers and corsages by Kelly’s Floral Design and on our “Groom’s Side” sign in the church. I also wanted to have chocolate thistle lollipops to go with out chocolate rose lollipo favours, but I never found a thistle chocolate mould.

It's such a nice tartan...I wish I could get it on cotton and make all sorts of decor from it.

Tartan (this is McDonald of Clan Ranald tartan)

Tartan appeared in my husband’s kilt, on the mini MOO cards attached to our favours, and in the groomsmen’s ties. I had planned for there to be tartan in our centrepieces and wrapping the bouquet handles, but I never managed to get the cotton fabric printed right (actual woven tartan is quite expensive). This is a story for another post though.

Aren't kilts just the sexiest attire ever?!


This one is pretty obvious, my husband wore a kilt. One of our guests wore a kilt too, that was his idea though, not ours. It was nice. At the beginning of the planning we thought about having the groomsmen wear kilts but then decided against it because the rental price was so high, they wouldn’t all come in the same tartan, and we couldn’t get them in the tartan we wanted at all. That’s why we chose to put the tartan in their ties instead.

This crest is great. I use it for everything!

Clan Crests/Badges (again, this is McDonald of Clan Ranald)

This appeared in our invitations and on the “Thank You” side of the mini MOO cards attached to our favours. I originally had it in our programs too, but then I took it out because it just didn’t work on any of the pages.

Other things that would work for a Scottish theme that we didn’t end up including are:

I loooooove bagpipes!

Bagpipes. Image from here.

We really wanted to have a piper at the wedding, but it just didn’t fit into our budget. They’re expensive, man!

Seriously, how cool is this?!

Swords (specifically Claymores). Image from here.

My husband actually has a claymore that he bought at the Glengarry Highland Games in 2011, but we didn’t have anywhere to display it and it was rather large for wearing, so we left it at home on the wall.


Haggis. Image from here.

Well, my hubby’s a vegetarian and besides that, who would actually want to eat haggis? Gross.

So yummy!

Irn Bru. Image from here.

This is a popular pop in Scotland and it tastes great. I honestly don’t know why we didn’t buy a few bottles to include. I never even thought of doing it until just now. (Note: I’ve never seen Irn Bru in a can. I’ve only seen it in a plastic bottle. It’s orange in colour and some people say it tastes like gum or cotton candy, but it just has a different sort of taste than North American pops.)

I am not a fan of Scotch. It sort of tastes like I imagine gasoline would taste.

Various Scotch Whiskies. Image from here.

We didn’t have Scotch at our wedding becuase this was again out of our budget. We also had a couple of recovered alcoholics at the wedding and we didn’t want to tempt them with hard alcohol (we did have red and white wine on each table and a cash bar though).

What do you think of a Scottish themed wedding? Would/will/did you have one? Which Scottish aspects would you include in your wedding?


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