A Wedding Theme: Something to Build Upon – Part 1

I really like this new idea of a wedding theme. It’s not something that my parents had or that I really noticed in any wedding I’ve ever been to, though it was probably there. A wedding theme can help organize your ideas and create boundaries for you as you decorate. The closest thing I’ve ever seen to a theme in a wedding that I’ve been to is wedding colours, which I’m definitely not knocking, but I wanted to take it a step further.

There are plenty of themes out there to for inspiration:

There’s the eco-friendly/green wedding with the recycled paper products or plantable seed paper products, the compostable bamboo cutlery, the tree or seed favours, the local organic food, the carbon footprint reducing travel times, and even eco friendly attire.

I want it so badly! I love painted cakes and nature!

Birch Tree Wedding Cake from GreenBrideGuide.com

There’s the winter wonderland wedding with the snowflakes, the ice, the fur trimmed cloaks, the iceburg-esque escort cards, the “ice and snow” tree branches, the pine cones, the blues and whites, and the snow blossoms.

Hot Apple Cider is so cozy and lovey dovey!

DIY Hot Apple Cider Favours from LaBelleBride.com (I recommend using Mini MOO Cards for the tags.)

There’s the harvest/autumn wedding with the leaves, the pumpkins, the corn, the reds and oranges, the sunflowers, and the apples.

These are just plain awesome!

Veneer (wood) Escort Cards from MarthaStewartWeddings.com

There’s the rustic wedding with the cowboy boots, the hay bales, the burlap and twine, the barn venue, and the wooden accents (a friend of mine made DIY tree ring coasters for his wedding favours).

I think I'm in love

Yarn and Reclaimed Wood Backdrop from GreenWeddingShoes.com

All of themes are great and I love the way people put them together in a way that represents them as a couple, but none of them worked for us and our wedding. Check back in to find out what theme we ended up going with in Part 2!

What do you think of wedding themes? Do/did you have a wedding theme?


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