Our Wedding: July 14, 2012

My husband and I got married on Saturday, July 14th, 2012. It was a hot and sunny day with not a cloud in the sky. It was a traditional Catholic wedding in a church and we held our reception in an arena hall (before you go judging us, it was an absolutely gorgeous hall). We had a low budget wedding which involved a lot of DIY projects. In total, our wedding came to about $7000-$8000, which was more than we had planned for it to be.

Our theme was Scottish and our colours were red and black with white accents. I am not personally Scottish, but my husband is and he is very proud of his heritage. He is a McDonald of Clan Ranald (and now so am I), so that is the specific tartan and crest which made appearances all throughout our day.

We had an enormous bridal party which consisted of: 4 Bridesmaids, a Bridesman, a Maid of Honour, 7 Groomsmen, a Best Man, and 3 Flowergirls (yes, that is 17 before you include the Bride and Groom). The bridesmaids wore shorter red and black dresses that were $80 at Fairweather, the groomsmen wore black suits and red vests rented from Rene Giroux’s Menswear (I do NOT recommend them. They made a lot of mistakes to our order.) and ties in the clan tartan which we bought for them at The Scottish and Irish Store (I highly recommend them. They are veyr nice in there and very accommodating. They will do their best to make your experience a good one.), and the three little flowergirls wore white dresses from Bridalkids.com (They came with free halos too. The girls loved them! They looked like little angels.). I of course wore a big white dress by Alfred Angelo which has unfortunately been discontinued. My husband wore a kilt and an Argyll jacket (along with all of the other traditional Scottish accessories. I’ll devote a post to them another time.).

Aren't these the cutest little girls ever?!

Photo by Jenna Gernon (our amateur photographer)

I've been told that my train makes me look like a rocket taking off and that J (the leftmost dude) looks like he has a jet pack on!

Photo by Jenna Gernon

What will/did your bridal party wear? Did you have any bad experiences with rental attire? Would you buy online?


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