DIY Submerged Rose Centrepieces (with Tutorial)

Hi all, today I’m going to tell you all about my awesome centrepieces that I made for the wedding. Because I’m allergic to flowers and so were several of our guests, I decided that we needed to have non-floral centrepieces, or at least centrepieces that would not cause people allergies. Enter the new sumberged flower trend! I found awesome inspiration here, here, here, and here and I decided that it wouldn’t be very difficult at all to pull off the look myself. They were also great conversation pieces and would not interfere with people seeing eachother across the table. Perks and looks, yay!

What's that I spy to the left of the centrepiece? A topic for another post?

Guest table sumberged rose centrepiece. Photo by Jenna Gernon (amateur photographer).

The materials required for one centrepiece are:

  • A Rose (I got 2 dozen for $17 at Costco!)
  • Scissors
  • A (more or less) Cylindrical Vase (I bought mine at the Dollarama)
  • Vase Filler (I used clear glass drop that I bought at the Dollarama)
  • A Floating Candle (I found mine at Michaels. I got a pack of 20 round, unscented candles.)
  • A Mirror Tile (I borrowed mine from a friend, but I also saw some at the Dollarama)
  • A Votive
  • 3 Tealights
  • Water (of course)

Step 1: Fill your vase about a half inch with vase filler.

Step 2: Hold your rose up to your vase and trim the stem so that the top of the rose sits just under the rim of the vase then put it in the vase (I tried to keep some leaves on the stem so that it didn’t look “lonely” in the vase).

Step 3: Fill your vase with water but take care to run the water BESIDE the rose, not onto the top of the rose as this makes the rose open up funny.

Step 4: Pop your floating candle into the vase on top of the rose.

Step 5: Make sure your mirror tile is all clean and shiny and put it on the table.

Step 6: Place a votive on one corner of the mirror tile and a tea light on the corner that is diagonally opposite it. Place the other 2 tea lights about a half inch away from the corner tea light forming a right angle.

Step 6: Place your filled vase in the centre of your mirror tile.

Congratulations! You have just completed your very own submerged rose centrepiece!

We put these mirrored centrepieces in the middle of the round guest tables and on the long head table we just placed the vases and votives at intervals along the length of the table.

That's right, the head table is special and gets lots of "centrepieces"!

Head table centrepieces. Photo by Jenna Gernon (amateur photographer).

What do you think of this submerged flower trend? Adorable or appalling? Would you use them at a formal reception or just a semi- to casual reception?


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