DIY Brooch Bouquet

I decided to make a brooch bouquet for my wedding because I’m allergic to real flowers and I didn’t want to be all red, puffy, and sneezy for my wedding. This was my inspiration bouquet and also what I started my DIY from (It didn’t work perfectly for me, so I altered it a bit). I promise I’ll add step-by-step images soon!

It's so shiny, colourful, and pretty! And it'll last forever! :D

Photo by Jenna Gernon (amateur photographer).

The materials needed for this project are:

  • However many Brooches with a pin across the back that you need for your bouquet to reach the size you want it (I used 80-90 brooches. Some of them were small. You won’t want any brooches that are significantly larger than the rest.). (NOTE: Some people choose to use a colour theme or only use flower brooches, I did neither of these.)
  • Green Florist Wire (I used 22 gauge wire that I found at Michaels)
  • Wire Cutters
  • 1ft Ruler or Measuring Tape
  • A Hot Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks for the hot glue gun
  • A few Bunches of Silk Leaves
  • Green Duct Tape (or another strong type of tape)
  • Some Wooden Dowels
  • A Saw
  • Ribbon in the colour and width of your choice (I recommend 1” minimum)
  • Optional: Green paint and a paint brush

Preparation Step: Collect lots of brooches.

Step 1: Cut a 2ft length of florist wire and fold it in half so that it measures 1ft in length.

Step 2: Take one of your lengths of wire and one of your brooches and slip one leg of the wire through the pin on the brooch until the pin rests in the bend of the wire.

Step 3: Make sure that the bend of the wire is at the end of the pin that opens and wrap the wire around this opening so that the pin stays shut.

Step 4: Wrap one leg of the wire around the pin and then around the unwrapped end of the pin.

Step 5: Have the two legs of the wire meet in the centre of the pin and tightly twist them around each other all of the way down the length of the wire.

Step 6: Repeat this process until all of your brooches are wired.

Step 7: Pick a brooch with a long pin and slip the wire from one of the brooches with a short pin under the long pin.

Step 8: Firmly wedge the brooches together then tightly twist the two lengths of wire together all of the way down.

Step 9: Repeat this process until you have a cluster that is about 3 inches across in all directions (don’t worry much about gaps between the brooches. We’ll take care of those in the next step.). Make clusters like this until all of your brooches are used up.

Step 10: Cut some small clusters of leaves from your bunches of silk leaves and hot glue them to the tops of the “stems” of your brooch clusters so that the entire underside of each cluster is covered in leaves.

Step 11: Take two of your clusters of brooches and wedge them together then twist their “stems” together (use extra wire to hold them tightly together at the top if necessary).

Step 12: Continue adding brooch clusters until they are all gone OR your bouquet reaches the size you want it to be OR your bouquet reaches a point where the weight will be too much for you to comfortably carry if you add any more clusters.

*Congratulations, your bouquet is almost finished! You may have a few concerns about your bouquet right now. The wire handle you have right now will be very prickly. We’re going to fix that very shortly. The wire handle may not be strong enough to support the top of your bouquet and so the top flops a little bit when you move. As long as all of your brooch clusters are firmly held together with wire at this point we’ll fix the issue of the handle strength.*

Optional Step: Paint your wooden dowels green so that they look like stems.

Step 13: Make sure that there are about 6 inches of handle that you’ll be able to hold onto while carrying the bouquet (it will still be prickly right now), if there are fewer than 6 inches don’t worry, we’ll fix that.

Step 14: Tape your dowels all of the way around your bouquet handle so that it is easy to hold again. Make sure that they are right up into the underside of the bouquet, this will make it sturdy.

Step 15: Cut the dowels so that there are 6 inches of handle again. (If you painted your dowels before then you’ll want to paint the bottoms of them again here.)

Step 16: Tape clusters of leaves all of the way around the top of the bouquet to hide anything unsightly and to make the edges look like a real flower bouquet.

Step 17: Wrap your handle with ribbon in any way you want and secure it firmly. (A very cool and blingy alternative handle finish can be found here and here.)

Congratulations! You have just completed your very own brooch bouquet!


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