My First Ever Blog!

Hi all!

I’ve never written a blog before but I got into reading them just over 2 years ago when I got engaged to my wonderful husband! The blog I follow religiously is weddingbee where my name is ScottishMrs, but I occassionally check out other wedding blogs too (I’m still kind of wedding obsessed). I’m so wedding obsessed that I started my own business called Wedding Gifts by Rose (you should check it out).

My husband and I just got married in July and are renting a one bedroom apartment. I really want to make it homey and turn it into the perfect newlywed nest, but right now it’s mostly just a mess. Now you all get to watch the transitional period and see just what I’ll do to make it the perfect home!

I’m a very arts and craftsy person and I love to DIY things. I’m the oldest of 11 children and my husband and I are both 20 years old (I was 19 at the time of the wedding). One of my absolute favourite places to shop is the Dollarama because I can almost always find what I’m looking for there and at a great price! I’m currently a 3rd year student in University and my program is a 4 year Honours with Specialization in English and a Minor in Linguistics. My husband is at College taking Electrical Engineering Technologist.

My husband is the 3rd child of 6 and is of Scottish ancestry. We made our wedding Scottish themed because of this and some of the decor in our new apartment will also reflect this. He’s very proud of his heritage. We went to some Highland Games 2 years ago and he bought a claymore there ( a large Scottish sword)! I want to have our tartan and clan crest make subtle appearances throughout our decor.

This stuff is difficult to get ahold of, yo!

McDonald of Clan Ranald Tartan from

He doesn't like the new motto :( I don't mind it though. And it's got an arm holding a sword coming out of the roof of a cool is that?!

McDonald of Clan Ranald Crest from

Now, I’d like to get some opinions from my readers.

I can hardly wait to share the rest of my experiences with all of you!


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